Volkswagen Car Coating & Detailing Service

The care you take for your car shows in its external appearance. You enjoy going around in the car but when you neglect to clean or polish the car, it appears dirty. At times, it may have scratches and tiny dents that you ignore but it shows up to all others. It is time you brought your car for servicing - make it look a million dollars again. 

Increase shine with a coating

By giving your vehicle a Volkswagen car coating you increase the shine. We have a ceramic coating and glass coating. Both these add sparkle to your car. The ceramic coating is a revolutionary Japanese technology designed to give full paint protection while enhancing its looks. This adds to the life of the car because it protects it from rusting and decay. In time, the interiors of the car gather germs, dirt, and bad smell. You have to clean the interiors and give it a disinfectant service. This removes all dirt and germs and makes it smell nice again.

Take out an AMC

If you have been neglecting your car for a long time, then you will need complete externals with the internals. We clean the floor of the car, take care of the upholstery, clean the roof, do the glasses, and do the boot. To remove small dents and scratches, you can use the Volkswagen car detailing service.  It will make your car look and feel good again.

For those that don’t want to keep on worrying about their car maintenance, we offer the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). This way, we will take care of your car and call it when its time comes.