Tata Harrier Car Coating & Detailing Service

Buying a car can be an easy one but maintain it with a good service is always a difficult task. But with Tata Harrier coating services, you can make your car service super affordable with the best services offered. They provide various ranges of services for all your car needs and defects. Following are the types of services offered by Tata motors.

Services offered for your car

Car maintenance involves external and internal treatment of parts. There are many services done externally as well as internally to improve the working of your car.

  • Service against rusting: It helps in increasing the shelf life of the car. It also helps your vehicle to prevent from corrosion. The other advantages of this service are resistance to abrasion, deadening of sound due to rubber content, covering welds, and minor repairs. This service has three main types of coating namely underbody coating, internal coating,and full body coating.
  1. Underbody coating: Few chemical compounds are applied to the undercarriage of a motor vehicle, trunk, wheel wells,and other areas.
  2. Internal coating: Wax-like compounds are used to prevent rust formation that is usually applied to the cavity area. Door hollows, fenders, and frame rails.
  3. Full body coating: It is a combination of internal coating and underbody coating that helps in ensuring the full protection of your car. This is applied to all the areas mentioned in the above coatings.
  • Car detailing service: Tata Harrier detailing service is specialized treatments for your car to look new. The vehicle’s finish can be destroyed by Ultraviolet radiation, environmental hazards,and oxidation. Following processes are involved in car detailing service.
  1. Paint protection: It helps in bringing back the durable and glossy look of the car. It also protects the surface from dust, pollution, and oxidation.
  2. Surface refinement: The surface refinement treatment helps to remove scratches, stains, and dust. It improves the appearance and helps in providing natural sheen to bumpers, tires, and plastic mouldings.
  3. Protection from UV rays: It is done by creating a thin layer on the surface that protects from harmful UV rays. It is recommended to repeat this treatment for every six months.
  4. Restoring headlights: It improves the visibility power of headlights and also helps in clearing the oxidation from the glass.
  • Decarbonization of engines is very important and you can get these services here. For the purpose of reduced fuel emissions, better combustion, increased power, better fuel economy, reducing maintenance costs, and improving overall engine operation can be achieved using this technique. The three main types of carbonization techniques are diesel Decarbonization, Petrol fuel and air Decarbonization, engine flush, and oil additive treatment.

Tata services not only offer the above services but also value-added services such as engine wax treatment and sound deadening pads for doors. If you are looking for a high-quality service for your car, then you can go for Tata Harrier coating and derailing services.