Sonata Car Coating & Detailing Service

Make new inroads into the day with your Sonata. It is one thing to be the proud owner of a Sonata but it is another to have a dusty car with smudges and stains. You need to use a car detailing service expert like Motorocoats. We provide the cleaning, washing, and waxing service for your car. Now, we have the car coating that gives a superior look to your car. We use a coating material that binds to your car paint and gives a shine. It lasts for six months compared to the 40 days a waxing will.

Get car coating for your Sonata

Use of the Sonata car coating service is going to be special because we offer two kinds of coating. One is the glass coating while the other is the ceramic coating. Use either and your car will glow while one that has not had a coating will only shine. Before you get the coating, it is preferable to get your car detailed. This means a thorough interior and exterior wash. The interiors of a car will often have lots of odour and bacteria. This can cause subtle differences to your metabolism and make you feel enervated.

Do the detailing

Give yourself up to the luxury of a Sonata car detailing service. We use company recommended products to service the car in full. We wash the tires, windows, and knobs. This removes the grime and mud stuck to the exteriors. Next, we vacuum the interiors, disinfect, and wash the interiors of the car. This removes all pathogen and dirt from the inside and makes it smell good again.