Skoda Car Coating & Detailing Service

A Skoda is special to its owner; it declares his or her style to the world. Taking care of your Skoda car need not be a difficult thing. Leave it to the people who know and love cars - Motorcoats. We are experienced in cleaning, washing, and coating cars of all types. We care for Skoda with special factory products meant exclusively for it.


Need for Skoda car coating -

Car coating is expensive because the coating material, either glass coating material or ceramic coating material is expensive. Also, a lot of manpower goes into it. This Japanese Nanotechnology is superior to any other that you will find in the market. A Skoda car coating service will last for 12-24 months (depending on usage) whereas a wax job will only last for 1-3 months. Further, waxing continuously will deteriorate the paint. This gives a dull appearance to the car.


Use a Skoda detailing -

Merely wiping the car exteriors will not prevent dirt and grease from accumulating on the exteriors and interiors of the car. You can take care of this with a Skoda Car detailing service. We give a complete outside wash, clean and degrease your wheels and tires. After we clean exterior windows, we use clay on painted surface to get rid of contaminants. Doing the interiors is important to remove all harmful bacteria and dirt that gather over time. We vacuum entire interior and trunk, shampoo trunk and floor mats, and deeply clean and condition the upholstery. Then, we clean all interiors and door jambs. All stains and foul odour are removed.