Sedan Car Coating & Detailing Service

Owning a sedan is a responsibility involving regular checks to ensure it is running well and cleaning to keep it shining like new. This part is not so enjoyable though many owners do break their backs cleaning and waxing their automobiles every week. 

In times, this becomes tedious and then it is time to move over to using our car mechanic workshop or our automobile workshop. It is better to use a recognized car mechanic like us to do your car maintenance.

Use company products alone

Use of proper wax and polishes meant for a sedan will help in the upkeep of its exteriors. Use of recognized sedan car coating gives it all the protection it needs. You will have to do the interiors to keep free from germs and other pathogens. Cleaning and disinfecting the interiors of your sedan is essential. Otherwise, it could lead to infections and diseases when you least expect it.

Detail your sedan to make it new looking

Do car detailing for your sedan to remove all dents, scratches, and blemishes. Get your vehicle spick and span in a short time without any effort. Use our mechanics and detailing services for complete protection to your sedan. You can also take a dual composite warranty so you needn’t keep spending on your vehicle maintenance. In this, you get all exterior paint surfaces rubber and tyre surfaces, plastic and vinyl parts, windshield, and glasses. The period of warranty for a sedan lasts from 18 - 36 months depending on your preferences.

You can use the separate exterior cleaning if you need it. This will cost lesser. In the same way, you can use exterior polishing and waxing, or complete exterior detailing.