Scorpio Car Coating & Detailing Service

One of the next-gen cars, Scorpio shows the way to perfection in road behaviour. To keep its gorgeous looks, it needs attention from its owner. You must do something more than wiping it with a cloth or hosing it down in the evening. You must give it the sparkle that comes with a car coating. Car coating for cars from Motorcoats uses Japanese Technology. Choose from Glass or Ceramic coatings - both last long and give your car the sheen to out-glow other cars on the road. Get your Scorpio car coating service now.

Do detailing for Scorpio -

For completeness in car care, it is advisable to do the detailing for the car once in 3-4 months. We wash car exteriors with detergent, shampoo and condition the interior upholstery, vacuum the floors and shampoo the carpets and floor mats. There are always contaminants in the air and most of them remain trapped inside the car. This is why you get a strange odour when you open the car door. The foul air contains bacteria that could lead to serious health problems. Tackle it at once with a simple detailing at Motorcoats.

Clean Interiors regularly -

We vacuum the interiors and disinfect it. Use our Scorpio car detailing service to wash and decrease your tire exteriors. Regular waxing along will lead to wax sticking to the paint causing it to rust. A car that begins to rust has a dull look. Use car coating to get the superior finish that glows for 6-7 months or more. Surely, you deserve a good looking car, no?