Premium Car Coating & Detailing Service

People who drive Premium cars will enjoy their experience. But, when it comes to cleaning it and giving it a wax polish, they fall behind. So, the car becomes dirty and hidden germs and pathogens make it a potential source of health infections. 

To keep your car free from all these hidden dangers, one must give it a regular service.

Remember to remove all dirt and bacteria

Cleaning the exterior and interior of your premium car will remove all germs and bacteria that could cause diseases. It will give your car a shine that makes it look like new. It is important to take it to us, the leading service agents, to help preserve its pristine condition. You will get separate services such as exterior paint protection, cleaning and disinfecting services, cleaning and dressing for your windshield, glasses, plastic and vinyl products, and cleaning for your boot and floor.

Use good quality wax and polish

We make sure your car has the premium car coating wax and polish so it remains attractive for your drive through town. Interior cleaning and disinfecting help to remove 99.99% germs that affect you. You have a wonderful looking car without any pathogens that might affect you adversely.

Getting an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your car is a good idea. This way, you can leave the care of your car to us who are well versed in this region of polishing, waxing, paint protection, and disinfecting your entire car. You may also take out car protection for a period of 18 months or more. Take action now and you will have a peaceful ride for the rest of the warranty period.