Nissan Car Coating & Detailing Service

When you want every ride in your car to be special, you need to pay the price. You must clean and disinfect it so you and your car remain protected. Also, get a ceramic coating for it so it gets an extra shine.

The Nissan car coating is done with special factory approved products so the original quality of the paint is well-preserved. Paint protection is essential for the long life of the car.

Clean exteriors for a bright look

We also do foam washing, waxing, and shining for your car. It will restore a deep shine and give it a glorious look that will make it appear like new. If you need deeper protection, you can take our ceramic coating or glass coating that makes your car into a glossy vehicle. The happiness of driving around doubles. But, in time most cars get scratches and bumps. We take care of all this with our detailing service.

Remove ugly dents immediately

Use our Nissan car detailing service to bring your car back to its wonderful former glory. Get the interiors and disinfecting service to keep the car interiors free from odour and disease-spreading bacteria. We give you AMC where we take care of everything your car needs. It is about preserving the beauty of a car and enhancing driving pleasure. By using our contract, you get timely calls to look after the car wash and detailing.

We give everything for your car, it is our passion. We have done this for over 17 years. Our service helps improve the durability of your vehicle. You have to give your car this advantage by giving it a service and cleaning regularly.