Paint coating is, usually, provided by an automotive paint business or a car detailer rather than a car wash. It is applied as a type of secondary coat on top of the existing paint. Coatings are made of manmade materials, but they do not apply or look like paint sealants or car waxes. Instead, they feature much thinner viscosity.

While a traditional car wax gets worn away after a few months, paint coating forms a much harder and stronger bond. For instance, wax lasts from 1 to 4 months while paint coats last from 12 to 24 months.

The downside is that the car paint coating is expensive. But, the fact is, while a high-quality coat is costly at the onset, it will prove its value down the years in terms of efficacy and durability. Traditional wax and polish routines will lead to accumulated costs and thinning of paint, leading to a dull finish. There are two kinds of paint coating in the market, but the main types are glass and ceramic. Glass coating is itself divided into two types: Quartz Silica and Silane. Quartz Silane is costlier as it has a more expensive manufacturing process.

It provides a shinier and more durable coat. As for Silica, it is less durable and cheaper. Just like glass coating, ceramic coating offers a protective, tough surface for the car body, which can block all types of foreign matter and avoid their causing damage to the vehicle. A ceramic coating needs heating up while glass coating adheres to the paint of car instantly after application. Now the question arises, “Which company and brand is the best for paint coating?

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The primary focus of the company is to deliver attractive visual impact, maximum durability, protection against harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear. Here are a few reasons to opt for MOTORCOATS:

 Authentic crystal ceramic coating providing superior results.

 High-quality and admirable results in protection and gloss.

 Easy to use, consuming less effort and time.

 No requirements for costly shampoos and detergents.

 Its disinfection process destroys 99.9% germs and gets rid of bad odours.