Mercedes Car Coating & Detailing Service

Every car is special to us but to you, only yours could make any difference. We make sure that your car stays special by giving it a special wash with foam. We bring it back to its shiny new state and give it a waxing and polishing to raise its glitter to the max. You will love it looking like that and you can leave it to Motorcoats to give the Mercedes Car coating for your car.

Remove all bumps and scratches

We help with the detailing, cleaning the interiors floor, cabin, glass, windows, and exteriors. All tiny bumps and dents are taken care of. You have a bright new shiny car to drive back to your home. We also do the interiors so that there are no residual bacteria left in the cabin. All bad odours get removed because of the cleaning agent we use. A bright new fragrance envelops the interior of your vehicle.

Take an AMC to keep cool

You can take out an AMC so you need not worry about when to bring your car in. We will tag it and give a call when it is due. Always leave it to the professionals. Motorcoats, to do what your car needs. We know cars well and do the best for it. Other than paint protection, we also give your car a ceramic coating or a glass coating if you want it.

This gives you better protection compared to waxing and polishing. This layer of ceramic helps stop UV rays and proves a good shield against acid rain.