Mercedes Benz Car Coating & Detailing Service

Driving around in a Mercedes Benz is one of the pleasures of life. But, washing and caring for it might not be one’s cup of tea. To make sure your car remains in its pristine form, we give it a thorough detailing to restore it. We are your official partners in this venture of servicing your car. 

Give your car a thorough detailing

One must keep a car in good condition by cleaning all exteriors, waxing it, giving it a polishing. Only when this is done properly, your car will look like it should. We use original Mercedes Benz car coating so it will always be shining like new. Leave it to us for we are professionals in this field.

Car Detailing is done from an external and an internal point of view. One is done to keep the interiors free of germs and pathogens while the other is to take care of its external beauty. The exterior detailing is important because tires will wear out, window glass will develop streaks, and you might have scratches on the paint.

Bring your car back to the original form

By rectifying all this and giving it the foam wash, your car will get its original look back. Interior disinfecting will help to rectify bad odour and remove disease-causing bacteria. It is recommended that you take out an AMC so we will care for your car and call it when it is time to give it a wash and polishing. This will save you the trouble of making payments time and again.