Maruti Car Coating & Detailing Service

Good care for cars begins with a choice of good polish and detergents. A good wash will take care of all dirt and grime, but you can only take care of dents and scratches by doing the detailing. Good owners will give proper care to their cars all the time. 

Doing the interior detailing

Interior detailing means cleaning the cabin, upholstery, pockets, and everything you see inside. Then, disinfectant is applied so that bacteria are removed. This improves our health protection. Exterior detailing means taking care of external paint scratches, doing the tires, cleaning the glass, and giving the exteriors a good polish. Use of anti rust coating for Maruti cars will help your Maruti car remain shiny and new. It is important to use the original wax and polish also because only this will help preserve the condition of your Maruti car.

Take an AMC and get full peace of mind

If your car has run for over a year, it is time to check the condition of your AC duct. We do the AC duct cleaning and disinfecting so it becomes good as new. Taking our Annual Maintenance Contract will help because you can leave the upkeep of your car to us. We will call it when it is due for a cleaning and give it all that it needs. You get 12 foam washes, 2 interior cleaning and disinfecting, and 2 exterior paint protection. This is complete car care that allows you absolute peace of mind. You can also opt for separate packages such as interiors alone or exteriors alone as a one-time service. This works out cheaper.