Leaf Car Coating & Detailing Service

Driving the fastest car in the world is a thrill and a privilege. Keeping your Leaf out in front is a horizon much hope to go to. Keeping your car spotless is our aim at Motorcoats. Armed with the latest Japanese Nanotechnology, we give your car a glass or a ceramic coat. This coating material is a watery substance that bonds to the paint of your car and coats it. Your car now has an extra sheen; it glows while other cars merely shine. Get the edge; get a Leaf car coating service from us.

Bond with paint and shine -

We love cars and keep our bond intact with regular cleaning and washing. If you need an exterior cleaning, we provide a complete detergent and foam wash to remove grime from the exteriors. Next, we wash the tire exteriors with detergent. By vacuuming the interiors and disinfecting it, we remove odours and germs that are left inside your vehicle. We clean the exterior windows and door handles. This type of detailing gets rid of dirt before you give it a shine with a glass or ceramic coating.

No grime...only cleanliness -

This Leaf car detailing service lasts for 5-6 months at least. You will have a car with an extra glitter to show off to the world. We use clay on painted surfaces to remove contaminants. Instead of the regular waxing that deteriorates paint over time, go in for the ceramic coating for your car - check the difference. You will be glad you did.