Land Rover Car Coating & Detailing Service

An acknowledged leader in the car coating industry, Motorcoats make your car new. We help you to convert your old car into a new and shiny one with detailing to remove scratches and dents, wax and polish your car, and do the interiors. 

Take care of your interiors

Doing the interiors is important because it removes the bacteria and foul odour. You stay protected from any infections or diseases. Travelling in a pleasant smelling car is a gift that you deserve. We clean the glass, windows, plastic, upholstery, floor mats, cabin roofs, and handles.

To ease yourself from the pain of needless worry, you can take out an AMC. This will help us to call your car in when it is time. You need not keep on worrying about the car.

Extra protection from UV rays

We give you glass polishing, ceramic Land Rover car coating, and paint protection. The ceramic car coating acts as an extra protective layer for your car exterior. This allows your car to remain fresh with the minimum of worry. Also, this layer acts to reduce the amount of UV rays incident on your car. The amount of staining and etching will be reduced. The car paint gets extra gloss and depth adding to the aesthetics of the car exteriors.

By getting a glass coating, you make the glass surface more resistant to scratches and dirt. It improves the gloss so the glass shines like a mirror. It protects the paint from dust, sand, and dirt from the road. This also acts as a shield to UV rays and acid rain.