Kona Car Coating & Detailing Service

To a car owner, a car is a thing of beauty but does it seem beautiful to others? Dusting and wiping in the morning with a piece of cloth will not make a car beautiful. You have to detail it and give it a ceramic coating. This will keep it looking great for 6 months at least. Yes, if you wax your car, it will look good...for about 2-3 months. Then, you will get the smudges and stains, and people stop paying any attention to your car. So, what is this Kona car coating service?

We have two kinds of coating you could make use of. One is the glass coating while the other is the ceramic coating. It involves Japanese Nanotechnology. The coating material is a thin, watery substance that once applied to the car exterior, bonds strongly with the paint of the car. It remains in place for 5-6 months. You can see the difference between a car that has had its coating and one that hasn’t yet. Well, you don’t have to wait, get your car over to Motorcoats and join an elite group.

Washing, cleaning, and decreasing the tire exteriors, and cleaning your car interiors is the first step in detailing. We provide the best Kona car detailing service. Our meticulous cleaning helps remove bacteria and odour from the interiors. We clean carpets, floor, boot space, shampoo and deep clean the upholstery. We use clay on painted surfaces to get rid of contaminants. You deserve a beautiful car to drive around in. Don’t you?