Ford Car Coating & Detailing Service

Car coating is a necessity for modern-day cars. The coating material is often thin, like water, but it forms a strong bond with the car paint. It gives a shine to your car that lasts for 12-24 months depending on usage. Ordinary car wax will last for 1-4 months. The most popular types of car coatings are glass and ceramic. Though expensive, a car coating gives your car a superior shine that you will not get from a wax and polish job.


Get Ford car coating -

Going in for regular waxing will make the paint deteriorate over time? This will lead to rust formation and give a dull look to your car. For Ford owners, a Ford car coating service is recommended. Do this once in 18-20 months, and you have it looking like new. Coming to car exteriors and interiors, your car will also need detailing. This is a cleaning service to remove dirt, stain, and grease stuck to your car wheels and outside of the glass and body.


Use Ford car detailing -

Car detailing also takes care of interiors. Over time, most cars develop a bad odour inside due to the accumulation of toxins and bacteria. You have to vacuum the entire interior, clean and degrease wheels and tires, and do a complete outside wash. We clean and shampoo floor mats, trunk, and interior carpets. We clean seat belts, interior windows, and headliner. Get the Ford car detailing service from the people who know how to do. Motorcoats has skilled personnel to take care of your Ford car for you on a personal level.