Elantra Car Coating & Detailing Service

Stylish and expensive, Elantra is a trendsetter for both speed and handling on the roads. It is so essential to keep this beauty spotless. Cleaning is one chore that does not have much appeal. Here you bring in the experts, Motorcoats. We have a love for all brands of cars and do the detailing for them. Using company approved products; we give an Elantra car coating service to put the shine back on your car.

Coating service for Elantra cars

We have two options for coating - glass and ceramic. This is made using Japanese Nanotechnology. This coating adheres to the paint surface of the car and lasts for five to six months. The ordinary wax will last for about a month. Also, the glow is terrific! Try it for yourself to see how it outshines other cars on the road. The car coating protects your car exteriors like no other can.

Detailing service from Motorcoats

Before we do the car coating, we have to clean the exteriors. In the Elantra car detailing service, we start with a water and detergent wash for all exteriors - car handles, tires, windows - remove all grime and dirt and make them sparkling clean. For the interiors, we wash and vacuum everything inside. It includes floor mats, boot space, upholstery, dashboard space and windows. Vacuuming and disinfecting the interiors removes bacteria and bad odours. This is essential for preserving hygiene. It is recommended you do detailing for your car once in three months at least. Finally, we wipe and polish to give a spanking clean car.