Civic Car Coating & Detailing Service

Driving one of the most stylish and fastest cars puts one on top of the world. Keeping that car sparkling, spanking new is essential. You know how tedious cleaning can be. Merely dusting it or rubbing it down with a piece of cloth and water is not going to put the shine back on the car. You need to give it a thorough professional detailing. Leave it to us, Motorcoats, the newest professionals, and we will clean and detail the car like never before. Also, avail of our Civic car coating service to get the original shine back.

Exterior cleaning and coating

Car coating is not a new concept though it has not caught fire yet. Here, we take a coating material (we have two choices - glass and ceramic) and apply it on your car exterior. This coating material is made using Japanese technology. It adheres to the paint surface in a way that it never comes off for almost six months. It gives a glow to your car exterior, check it for yourself soon. The coating is made as per car company specifications so you get absolute protection for your car.

Civic car detailing service

Before we coat, we detail. Here, we wash down the interior and exterior of your car with detergent and water. This removes all grime and dirt from the tires and window exteriors. We work on the handles and bring a shine to them. Then, we move inside and begin Civic car detailing service. This begins with a wash of the dashboard, floor mats, and boot space. Then, we shampoo floor mats and vacuum the interiors. You now have a car that is as new.