Chevrolet Car Coating & Detailing Service

Car owners know how difficult it is to take care of the vehicle. A Chevrolet is special and we take special care of it. By using company approved products, we at Motorcoats make sure that it gets the best protection. Giving it its timely foam wash, doing the waxing and polishing, giving it advance ceramic coating helps to protect the paint. This adds to the life of the exteriors. 

Use ceramic car coating

You can get a Chevrolet car coating of ceramic or of glass. Both give an added sparkle to your car. Ceramic technology is revolutionary. It is from Japan, we use it to give a deep shine to the car exterior. Often, giving your car a wash and polish satisfies most owners.  But, there is a whole load of dirt in the interiors of the car. Only by cleaning and disinfecting your car interiors, your car becomes totally clean.

Detailing to remove blemishes

Small dents and scratches will occur to the car in time. But, you can get rid of these blemishes and make your car look fantastic again by doing the Chevrolet car detailing service. Along with removing dents and scratches, we do the waxing and polishing to make your car look attractive again.

One could also opt for the glass polishing. This is an alternative to a ceramic coating. By doing the glass car coating, you give the extra life of six months to your car exteriors. Ordinary waxing will last only for one or two months. Take an AMC and leave the worrying about your car to Motorcoats. We will do all the needful when it is needed.