Baleno Car Coating & Detailing Service

If you have a new car, you don’t need an anti-rust coating. This is because the paint of the car will give it the needed protection for one or two years. But, if you drive your car a lot, it is probably dirty. 

Germs enter your car when you drive through polluted places. It stays in your car until you become affected by it. Take action now and do a thorough detailing and cleaning of your car. It will have your car looking like new.

Older Balenos need protection from rust

And, if you have an old car, then you will need an anti-rust coating. If your Baleno is over two years old, you must invest in anti rust coating for Baleno. It is important to use the right products for the car as otherwise, it might not be effective. We will fix your car fully for you so you will not have any problems.

Do an exterior car protection for your Baleno. In this service, you will get full exterior cleaning. This will cost lesser than doing both the exteriors and interiors. Or, if your interiors are dirty, then you choose an interior cleaning and disinfecting. This will make your car interior free from all germs and infection-causing pathogens. You should have this done once a month at least.

Call us for professional help

For complete cleaning, waxing, and polishing, leave your car with us. We will get it back to pristine form and shiny like new. Or, take an AMC, so we will call your car for regular checks when it is due. As they say, leave it to the professionals.