All of us desire a gleaming car which always looks like just come from the showroom, every time you take it for a spin.

But the process of keeping car paint new faces many hurdles. Fortunately, the tips to protect your car paint are not rocket science. Here are some tips for keeping intact the shine of your car exteriors:


One must wash car regularly, in order to get rid of grime, dirt, dust and other contaminants and pollutants. Don’t underestimate the damage caused by tree sap and bird droppings. These cause much harm to the finish of your car paint. The best way to wash away grime and dirt is by using a jet spray nozzle to wash all parts starting from the wheels.

One must be careful only to use a mild car shampoo of good quality with a neutral pH to wash the car instead of detergents and other washing products which may damage car paint because of acidic nature. It is good to use a micro-fibre cloth to clean the car surface as these get rid of the dirt from the paint and prevent swirl marks. Normal rags will only carry dirt with them causing scratching of paint.


The next step to keep the car paint bright and shiny is to polish the car after washing it. You must apply the polish in a circular to and fro motion, overlapping the strokes using a micro-fibre or foam applicator on one surface at a time. Finish by using a soft cloth to get the perfect shine. Nowadays, there are several types of polishes on the market for fibre and metal body parts of the car and also, the tires and rims.


According to experts, cars should be treated with wax regularly at least once every 3 months. It is vital to use wax for protecting the surface of the car paint from the damage which happens over time. Take note that smooth and glossy look of your car’s body wears down gradually and slowly. Waxing not just fills the pores and uneven surface of the car which happens due to stone chips and minor scratches but also prevents corrosion caused by such unattended chipping. The simple way of waxing is to use a soft cloth or sponge in a circular motion. Finish with buffing the smooth surface. A wax of good quality performs the duty for many months such as the best car paint protection coating.

Scratch Remover

New age scratch removers are also useful for routine scratches which happen over the normal time of driving in bumper to bumper traffic in rush hour. They may not be able to remove the major scratches but can easily get rid of the paint scrapes which occur due to bird droppings, oxidation and normal wear. These tools are easily available in a nearby car dealer shop.

Rust Proofing Agents

This is an important step in maintaining your car paint. You must use rust proofing agents to protect the surface of your car. This is particularly true for those living in humid areas or coastal areas with salty winds. This slows down rusting and corrosion of your car, even under the chassis.

These are some of the essential things to consider for taking care of your car paint.