BMW X1 Car Coating & Detailing Service

Every BMW X1 car owner knows how special his or her car is. Giving it the special treatment it needs comes naturally from the professionals in the car care business - Motorcoats. Every car needs timely cleaning and protection. Leave it to us, the people who love cars of all varieties, especially BMW X1 cars.


Car coating for BMW X1 cars -

The coating is a special process in which the coating liquid bonds with the paint. We use Japanese Nanotechnology that lasts for 12-24 months depending on use. Ordinary wax polishing will last for only a couple of months. Use our BMW X1 car coating service to bring a sparkle to your car exteriors. You can opt for either a glass coating or a ceramic coating. Though expensive, a coating gives your car a superior shine and long-lasting protection.


Get the best BMW X1 car detailing -

For every car, there is one special coating and detailing agent. We know and use only factory products in our BMW X1 Car detailing service. This helps and protects your car exteriors and interiors for a long time. Use our exterior services where we wash the exterior of the car completely, clean and degrease wheel and tires, clean door jambs and trunk seats, and do exterior dressing for plastics. In our interior services, we vacuum the entire interior and trunk. Then, we deep clean leather surfaces and apply a conditioner. We clean vents and interior compartments, shampoo the floor mats and interior carpets. Your car will love you as much as you love it.