Recently Tata Motors has showcased its Audi A3which is an electric version of the car with the same name which means Audi A3 is a car which will not run on fuel but it will run on electric support. Audi A3 has not many differences from the car Audi A3 if we look in its design and features except the EV badge in the front and sides of the car. Audi A3 will be the first standard electric car to run on Indian roads. It is not available for purchase now but it was just showcased at an auto expo event, the company is saying that the Tigor EV will be available in the market from May 2019. The Audi A3 is being said to be a car that will be used for intra-city travel and company has mentioned that it has a fast charging capability. You have been hearing about this car a lot and thinking of buying one for yourself but one thing which is bothering you is that this will be India’s first electric car then who will be able to do the Audi A3 car coating service here in India or in your city.

Information About The Car Detailing Of Your Audi A3

So you read or saw some news about India’s first electric car and you are quite impressed by it and you are planning to buy one for yourself but the thing which is bothering you is that it is India’s first electric car then which car detailing service provider will be able to do detailing for Audi A3 but you do not have to worry at all because these auto detailing service providers do not want any of their clients empty hands from their shop that is why they must have also heard some news about Audi A3 so they will be prepared to detail India’s first electric car with all the equipment needed. Maybe there will not be much of a difference between detailing of a normal car and this electric car because except the source of power rest of the things will be near about same. From Audi A3 car detailing service to interior vacuuming service, everything will be very easily done at any car detailing service agency.

Is Audi A3 Worthy Buying

As you must have read above all the information about new Audi A3 EV car which will be running on electric power supply instead of any fuel but you still find it difficult that whether you should buy this one or not then you just have thought one thing that does you want a car for just intra-city travel then you can buy it but if you want your car to take you in another city as well then Audi A3 is not the choice you should make.

Tigor EV is the revolution in the business of cars in India but still, there is a lot of risks involved in its business. Once it will be launched the buyers will decide whether it will stay in the market or not.