The art of detailing is the process of mixing these elements into procedures which work for every particular situation. When you succeed in doing this, you get quality service and a happy customer. This is the ultimate goal of professional car detailing services.

Here are some car detailing secrets, which help you get the most out of polishing, waxing, and washing.

  • Dry glass surfaces in different directions:

While cleaning your glass windows, you are likely to encounter spots on the inside or outside. To help in this, wipe the interior and exterior of the glass in 2 different directions. This way you can identify where exactly the scratch is and deal with it directly without causing any more blemishes.

  • Clean the top of windows

Wind down the windows and clean the top of the glass. Excess products can build up in the window jamb and result in dripping, streaking and other marks. By cleaning this area you can get a good, total finish.

  • First, do a treatment of trim

Black plastic trim needs different maintenance and care compared to the rest of the body. To make the trim look good, it is advised to treat with a black restoring product before polishing and waxing the metal work surrounding it.

  • Use a plastic bag to check the surface

Prior to sealing the paintwork with a fresh coat of wax, you must ascertain that all areas of abrasion and dirt have been removed. But how to do this without leaving smudges and annoying fingerprints all over the place?

One simple solution is to put your hand in a standard plastic bag and run it all over the surface of the car. This will help you identify any bumps and bits of dirt, without risking greasy finger-prints on the paint-work.

  • Type of cloth

No longer are sponges the right tool to clean and wash cars. Today it is all about soft, microfiber cloths that make it easier to rinse, wash and dry your car’s paintwork without risking scrubbing or scratching.

Microfiber cloths provide lower friction and greater efficiency for effective and quick washing and rinsing. Only, take care to remove any tags or labels, from the cloth to prevent scratching.

  • Use a dual action-polisher

Polishing is an important step in detailing your car. So you must invest in a great product for great results. One of this is a dual action polisher. It can handle any type of polishing jobs. It is ideal for ironing out areas of abrasion, removing old wax and ensuring your car has an even, smooth finish, for a lasting shine.

  • Clean carpets

Carpet fibres are notorious for trapping bits, dust and dirt. This makes tough, the process of vacuuming. It is an annoying experience to find that even after vacuuming the carpet, there still remains bits and grime deeply embedded in it.

 To get rid of these, make use of static electricity to draw the bits outside the carpet fibres. You can do this by rubbing the carpet with a latex hand glove. The friction will create static and push away the bits for easy removal.

 These are some of the tips for doing detailing work of your car.